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I'm having a table with several rows - I assigned a hover function to each row. what I want to find out in my hover function if the selected TR is odd or even.

I used this code:


unfortunately it doesn't work although it should(?) I'm always getting "false".

I tried getting the rowIndex directly from the TR element like:


strange thing: I'm getting the correct rowIndex, but always False from the :odd property.

what's wrong?

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The :odd pseudo selector depends on the element being selected within a context or result set. For instance: $('ul li:odd') would select odd elements from that context. I would suggest using this test instead:

var odd = (tr[0].rowIndex % 2 == 0);

Every other row will return true from that expression. Since rowIndex is zero-based, we use value % 2 == 0. If it were one based, you would use value % 2 == 1 to get the odd rows.

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makes sense. thanks! – Fuxi Nov 25 '09 at 10:08

The :odd selector removes even-numbered elements from a set.

When called in .is(), the set that it looks at contains only your single tr element. Since it will be at index 0 in that set, it will always be :even.

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That's odd. :)

But seriously, a single item is always item 0 of that list, which is even. To have even/odd distinctions, you need to have a list. What most people do is run some on-load function that adds a class to the odd elements.

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