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I have a window include many combo with default autoload = false. I want to wait all combo in my window is loaded after that i will show window like

  var arrCombos = window.query('combo');
  Ext.each(arrCombos, function(combo){
     combo.getStore().load(); // load

  WaitForFunction(arrCombos); // wait for loading done

  window.show(); // show my window

Here is my WaitForFunction

 function WaitForFunction(arrCombos) {
    var all = 1;
    Ext.each(arrCombos, function(combo){ 
        if (combo.store.isLoading()) {
            all = 0;
    if (all == 0){
        setTimeout(WaitForFunction(arrCombos), 100);

But fail, that said too much recursion How can i do that thank.

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setTimeout(WaitForFunction(arrCombos), 100) is calling WaitForFunction immediately and passing the return value to setTimeout. What you meant was: setTimeout(function() { WaitForFunction(arrCombos) }, 100). I think your code would have worked this way... But sra's approach based on events and a counter is better because it won't wait any unneeded ms. –  rixo Jul 30 '13 at 10:16
@rixo yeah thank u. My code run but it's not working well:) i using sra 's code and it's well –  freestyle Jul 30 '13 at 12:35

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Quick and dirty but something like this should work:

var arrCombos = window.query('combo'),
    storeCt = 0;

function checkState() {
  if(--storeCt == 0)

Ext.each(arrCombos, function (combo) {
  var store = combo.getStore();
  store.on('load', checkState, this, {single: true})
  store.load(); // load
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