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In my actual project I am immersing in a "bigdata" problem. We need store a big database where the read performance is important over the write (data changes are minimal and they are controlled).

There are millions of registers, and each register has a lot of key/value information.

I'm testing noSQL databases and in my investigation I found hstore. I know very good postgresql, but I acknowledge that I did not know this module.

I'm reading about hstore performance and I am impressed, but I have a doubt: It's only possible store text as values, so, Is search by a numeric value impossible? Of course, it's necessary keep good performance for reading operations. For example, search registers who values of "X" was greater than "10".

If it is impossible, there are alternatives?


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When you say each register has a lot of key/value I think you should not use hstore. What did you try with your data in normalized relational? The alternative to hstore is Redis, or vice-versa. – Clodoaldo Neto Jul 30 '13 at 11:56
@ClodoaldoNeto Each register has between 500 and 1500 attributes and it's not possible know what attributes will be. Moreover, there are difference attributes in each register. KVP model in a relational database is used, but we are looking for a good performance solution. In next months, database will be few millions of registers. We are studying Redis as alternative, too. – angelcervera Jul 30 '13 at 16:42
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While you can do semantically correct searches of any data type with hstore by using casts in your queries, this comes with several costs:

  • You can't use the generic GiST indexing for hstore. You must instead create specific indexes on particular hstore keys cast to specific types.

  • You're incurring the overhead of casting all the rows each time you process them. This is cheap-ish for something like a text to integer cast, but if you're casting text to numeric or an array, say ... that's going to hurt.

If your data is almost exclusively free-form key/value, trying to jam it into an RDBMS probably isn't ideal. PostgreSQL 9.4 might do this better with the enhanced JSON support, but it's a bit early to say.

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I read about native JSON integration in postgresql 9.2, but in this benckmark thebuild.com/presentations/pg-as-nosql-pgday-fosdem-2013.pdf, the performance is so poor respect hstore when you are searching by an attribute. Do you know if json is better than hstore + cast? – angelcervera Jul 30 '13 at 16:09
@angelcervera In 9.2, certainly not. I'm referring to the enhanced json support coming in 9.4. Some of that has landed in 9.3, but not IIRC the path-index support you would need. – Craig Ringer Jul 31 '13 at 2:22
You can also index the integer cast of the hstore value ala: CREATE INDEX hstore_idxname_intval ON example USING btree ( ((hstore_data->'idxname')::integer) ); – euxneks Nov 8 '13 at 19:31

Yes it is possible to search for numerics if you cast the value:

select k -> 'k'
from (values
    ('k => 11'::hstore),
    ('k => 010')
) h(k)
where (k -> 'k')::integer >= 10;
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If there is any record where k->'k' does not contain a number (like 'k => "abc"') postgres will return an error. Can be solved using WHERE (k->'k' ~ E'^-?\\\d+?$') AND (k -> 'k')::integer >= 10 – Jiaaro Apr 21 '15 at 16:21

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