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I'm here to ask if is possible, and then how, to personalize the Paypal transaction description, for instance the one that the seller can see in the notification e-mail and in the transaction details on his Paypal account page. Here a link to a screenshot (I can't post images yet!):

Now is a standard message: "Purchase from NAME OF THE SHOP", the client asked me if I can instead write there some details of the transaction, like the stock code, product name ecc..

FYI I'm using a built-on-my-own shop

FYI#2 I'm passing all products, shipments, discounts informations to the transaction, and they show correctly in the purchase sidebar, but the description I need to change remains the standard one, and I wasn't able to find anything in the new Paypal documentation

Thanks in advance to everyone, Simon

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Yes, take a look at my answer in Missing amount and order summary in PayPal Express Checkout

You'll want to be passing us the item details in the SetExpressCheckout and DoExpressCheckoutPayment API calls.

If you only include this data in SetExpressCheckout, it'll be displayed on checkout but not on receipts.
If you include it in both SetExpressCheckout and DoExpressCheckoutPayment, it'll persist and be displayed on both checkout and receipts / transaction details.

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