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I've just recently discovered the power of jQuery. Just a quick question though.

What is a replacement for onclick="DeleteSomething('THE ID NUMBER LOADED IN BY SERVER SIDE')" ?

Is there even a way somehow to pass custom information such as an ID to a jquery onclick? Or do i have to stay with the old fashioned way?

Thanks a lot!


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I usually use a rel="" for some extra data i might need attached to the button or whatnot.

for example

<input class="btnDelete" rel="34" value="Delete" />

then in jquery

$('.btnDelete').click(function() {
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you can even give it some off the wall attribute other than rel (ie: deleteid) and access it the same way: $(this).attr("deleteid") –  Nick Spiers Nov 25 '09 at 3:07
wow i didn't know i could do that. i think that's the solution! –  Adam Nov 25 '09 at 3:12

If you stick the ID of the object you want to delete in the rel parameter, you can do it this way:

<script type="text/javascript>

   if($(this).attr("rel") != ""){

<a href="javascript:void(0)" rel="54" class="deleter">Delete Widget</a>
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$(document).ready(function () {
  $('#selector').click(function() {
    //here goes your onclick code

Please, post some markup for more help.

Also, you should read the Getting started with jQuery resources, linked in the main page of the library.

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In jQuery you would more likely do something like:

    # code here

With 'a' being whatever selector you want to use to find the right link.

In response to your comment:

Probably the best way, as someone else mentioned, would be to provide the dynamic data in one of the attributes of the link:

<a rel="{id}" >

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Right but how do i pass dynamic data into that function? Like say it was a $(".DeleteComment").click and you have multiple buttons with that class, and when clicked, they pass in the id to delete? previously i just inserted this directly into a parameter of the onclick="DeleteComment("the dynamic id")". –  Adam Nov 25 '09 at 3:07

Instead of this:

<button onclick="DeleteSomething('THE ID NUMBER LOADED IN BY SERVER SIDE')">

Do this:

<button id="thing">
$(function() {
    $("#thing").click(function() {
        DeleteSomething('THE ID NUMBER LOADED IN BY SERVER SIDE');
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It would much cleaner if you do it this way:

<tag class="someclass" prop1="id from serverside" />

   var prop1 = $(this).attr('prop1');
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Use the server to replace {ID} with the actual ID.


<form id="deleter">
  <input type="hidden" name="id" value="{ID}" \>
  <input type="submit" value="Delete" rel="{ID}" \>


$('form#deleter input[type="submit"]').click(function() {
  var id = $(this).attr('rel');
  return false;

Don't forget to implement the deleting server-side also for people who don't have Javascript enabled!

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