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I added a marker to google map with cordinates of 10.531294,76.214121, and i have a overlay click event. i need to get the cordinates like 10.531294,76.214121. But it show a different one like 10.531294,76.21412099999998 .

How can i fix this by javascript to get 10.531294,76.214121 ?

Here is my code

var map;
var markers = [];

function initialize() {
  var haightAshbury = new google.maps.LatLng(10.531294, 76.214121);
  var mapOptions = {
    zoom: 12,
    center: haightAshbury,
    mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN
  map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map-canvas'),

  google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'click', function(event) {

 mymarker = new google.maps.LatLng(10.531294, 76.214121);


function addMarker(location) {
  var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
    position: location,
    map: map

function setAllMap(map) {
  for (var i = 0; i < markers.length; i++) {

function clearOverlays() {

function showOverlays() {

function deleteOverlays() {
  markers = [];

google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize);

Please help me

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They're about the same, but if you really want, you could round the numbers to 6 decimals. – Tdelang Jul 30 '13 at 10:10
@Tdelang Thanks for your replay. but some time some cordinates have more than 6 digit or less than 6 digit. in this situation what can i do? – cloudacdev Jul 30 '13 at 10:27
Show us your code please, it'll make it easier to suggest how to achieve your requirements – duncan Jul 30 '13 at 11:34
@duncan Please see my updated post. – cloudacdev Jul 30 '13 at 12:08
possible duplicate of Why am i not getting exact Longitude when i click on a marker? – geocodezip Jul 30 '13 at 12:30

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