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All the documentation that I have found on re-theming WSO2 products suggest unzipping the corresponding .jar file and putting it in a directory with the same name while updating the theme.

It seems like this is no longer possible. Carbon 4.x either refuses to start or, if a patch is pending, fails due the fact that the expected .jar file is now a directory.

Either way this does not seem to work.

What is the preferred way to achieve this with the latest version of WSO2 products?

Regards, Stefan

previous documentation

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When creating the directory with the same name as the jar, did you use the - or the _. For example was it carbon.ui_4.x.jar or carbon.ui-4.x.jar. If it was the - (dash) can you try with the _.

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Results in java.io.IOException: Destination '/var/www/wso2/wso2bam-2.3.0/repository/components/plugins/org.wso2.bam.styles_2‌​.3.0.jar' exists but is a directory or SEVERE: Context [/] startup failed due to previous errors (if changed from _ to -) –  Acmeguy Jul 30 '13 at 15:49

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