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It is easy enough to find the lists of system errors in English:

However, quite often users report the error messages (without any number of course) in their native language (most often german for me, but we had italian or french cases also). Is there a translated list of these error texts as reported by windows, so that one would be able to search for these texts (and their corresponding error number) for non-english texts?

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Check out Microsoft's Language Portal.

They have a form where you can look up translation of specific terms or phrases from English to any language or vice versa, and if you have MSDN or TechNet subscription you can download complete UI translations.

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Amazing. It actually works! :-) Note: The title page only allows to enter an English search term, but when you switch to the search page, you can also search the non-en language term. –  Martin Ba Jul 30 '13 at 18:55

There is none that I know of. However, you can build your own using the FormatMessage API. You need to supply the error code as the dwMessageId and provide the desired LANGID.

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That is a good idea, thanks. –  Martin Ba Jul 30 '13 at 11:00

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