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Iam in a project with mvc,iam using itextsharp to convert my view to pdf.My view is working fine with converting to pdf but not getting any css styles,so i used stylesheets for css.But it is not working This is my code used for stylesheets

public class styles : IHttpHandler
        public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
            HttpResponse Response = context.Response;
            Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";
            string Html = @"<h1>h1</h1><P></P><ul><li></li></ul>";
            StyleSheet styles = new StyleSheet();
            styles.LoadTagStyle(HtmlTags.H1, HtmlTags.SIZE, "16");
            styles.LoadTagStyle(HtmlTags.P, HtmlTags.FONTSIZE, "10");
            styles.LoadTagStyle(HtmlTags.P, HtmlTags.COLOR, "#ff0000");
            styles.LoadTagStyle(HtmlTags.UL, HtmlTags.INDENT, "10");
            styles.LoadTagStyle(HtmlTags.LI, HtmlTags.LEADING, "16");
            styles.LoadStyle("certificate_table", "border", "1px groove #000000");
            using (Document document = new Document())
                PdfWriter.GetInstance(document, Response.OutputStream);
                List<IElement> objects = HTMLWorker.ParseToList(
                  new StringReader(Html), styles
                foreach (IElement element in objects)
        public bool IsReusable
            get { return false; }

can anyone help where am missing..

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You're using HTMLWorker, an obsolete class that is no longer supported. It doesn't support CSS files and that explains why all questions about iText, HTML and CSS remain unanswered. You should use XML Worker instead of the HTMLWorker. See sourceforge.net/projects/itextsharp/files/xmlworker and demo.itextsupport.com/xmlworker –  Bruno Lowagie Jul 30 '13 at 11:26
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