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My application is made on ASP.NET MVC4.And i am using MVC dataannotations validations in my viewmodel classes.

I have one decimal type column.And i am using below regular expression to validate it.

 [RegularExpression(@"^\$?([0-9]{1,3},([0-9]{3},)*[0-9]{3}|[0-9]+)(.[0-9][0-9])?$",ErrorMessage = "Amount is invalid.")]
 public decimal Amount { get; set; }

And with the help of above regular expression its working well. But I want to add one more condition there.Which is if someone enters number like:


Then it should accept it and also should adds .00 means (12.00,445.00) automatically.

FYI, I have changed the above regular expression like this:

[RegularExpression(@"^\$?([0-9]{1,3},([0-9]{3},)*[0-9]{3}|[0-9]+)(.[0-9][0-9]|.)?$",ErrorMessage = "Amount is invalid.")]

And by this its accepting the numbers like:


But due to MVC datatype decimal filed its giving the another validation message..

enter image description here

Can anyone suggest me how i can manage that?

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I'd offer using shadow field:

class myModel
     public decimal Amount { get; private set; }

    [RegularExpression(@"^\$?([0-9]{1,3},([0-9]{3},)*[0-9]{3}|[0-9]+)(.[0-9][0-9])?$",ErrorMessage = "Amount is invalid.")]
    public string AmountStringed  //use this field on your form input
        get { return Amount.ToString(); }
        set { Amount = decimal.parse(value); } //assign Amount

So you don't have to do any hacks with either client or server side valiedations

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