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I'm working on issue WW-4145 in Apache Struts 2 to allow extending Struts tags written with FreeMarker. The problem is how to resolve path after MultiTemplateLoader already did resolve the path. Or in other words, if the proposed solution will be efficient?

<#macro includeThemeTemplate templateName>
  <#list parameters.themeHierarchy as theme>
      <#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/${theme}/${templateName}" />
  <#-- Cause an exception intentionally which will have the top most theme -->
  <#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/${parameters.themeHierarchy[0]}/${templateName}" />

and usage in tag:

<@includeThemeTemplate "controlheader.ftl"/>
<#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/checkboxlist.ftl" />
<@includeThemeTemplate "controlfooter.ftl"/>
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I see no problem with it as FreeMarker caches failed template lookups (means this should not generate too much I/O, providing the update-delay isn't too small). However, for framework-level stuff you might consider using Java instead, as it's faster and often more maintainable. The Java equivalent of #include is freemarker.core.Environment.include. To get the Environment object you can use Environment.getCurrentEnvironment() (or if you are using a TemplateDirectiveModel, that will get it as parameter).

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