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A bit of a weird one,

I know some of you might ask why, but I was wondering if you could change the language of some links once the user hovers over them?

nav li:hover {
   **change language here**

I was actually looking to convert English to Japanese, I'm assuming this isn't done with CSS, anyone have any ideas on how I'd go about this?


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You can store Japanese and English text in separate span's and toggle them on hover. –  kalpesh patel Jul 30 '13 at 12:14

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You can do it with javascript, but a CSS only implementation could be like so:

<ul class="languages">
        <p class="english">English text here</p>
        <p class="japanese">Japanese text here</p>

with CSS:

.languages li .japanese { display: none; }
.languages li:hover .english { display: none; }
.languages li:hover .japanese { display: block; }

Here is a jsFiddle example.

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I see two ways to do that in CSS - no javascript or even jQuery is needed:

Use an attribute and the content CSS property

<li data-japanese="こんにちは世界">hello world</li>
li:hover {
    content: attr(data-japanese);

Use two elements that are shown alternately

<li><span lang="ja">こんにちは世界</span><span lang="en">hello world</span></li>
li [lang=ja], li:hover span {
li:hover [lang=ja] {

This approach is has greater flexibility and is also semantically more sound.

(example at jsfiddle.net)

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Using the current version of Chrome (28), your first example in your jsFiddle is not working. Also, I advise against putting the Japanese value in the tag attributes for SEO purposes. –  chadiusvt Jul 30 '13 at 13:11
Ah, seems to be working in Opera only. And I already said that it's not very semantic, yeah :-) –  Bergi Jul 30 '13 at 14:02

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