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I wish to add a marker to a googleMap with an editable title and snippet. The marker should appear when the user does a long click on the map and then the marker should appear showing a title of something like "click to edit".

The code is all up and running except that I can not figure out how to get the title to appear the moment the marker is created. I can only make it appear with a subsequent click on the marker. I can not see anything within MarkerOptions that allows me to do this. Did I miss something?

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The option your looking for is not in MarkerOptions it is a function of the Marker itself. Here's a link to the related docs


To call this method you need to have the marker, or a reference to it. If you're doing this on creation it should be easy. Otherwise just store your makers in some collection - like a HashMap so they are easy to find - and you can display the info window whenever you want.

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