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I have created fresh dataset to explain my desired result. and here is the link

Or you can trigger this command using cypher.

(_6  {UserName:"dhansukh", UserProfileID:'1000', EMailID:'f@xyz.com'}),
(_5  {UserName:"dhruv", UserProfileID:'516', EMailID:'e@xyz.com'}),
(_4  {UserName:"dharmistha", UserProfileID:'5262', EMailID:'d@xyz.com'}),
(_3  {UserName:"dinesh", UserProfileID:'995', EMailID:'c@xyz.com'}),
(_2  {UserName:"dharmesh", UserProfileID:'502', EMailID:'b@xyz.com'}),
(_1  {UserName:"manish", UserProfileID:'1', EMailID:'a@xyz.com'}),
_1-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 1} ]->_2,
_1-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 1} ]->_3,
_1-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 2} ]->_5,
_2-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 1} ]->_3,
_2-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 1} ]->_5,
_3-[:friends {ApprovalStatus: 1} ]->_4

Now I am trying following query, but it is not given me my expected result.

START me=node:node_auto_index(UserProfileID = '1'), other=node(*) 
MATCH pMutualFriends=me-[r?:friends]-mf-[r1:friends]-other 
WHERE other.UserName =~ '(?i)dh.*' AND other.UserProfileID <> 1 
RETURN other.UserProfileID, other.UserName, r.ApprovalStatus, COUNT(pMutualFriends) AS mutualCount

In the above result set, I have get duplicate records, (due to ApprovalStatus), If I remove ? from relationship, it just shows linked node only, but I want all nodes started with 'dh'. node 6 also missing, don't know why? mutual count also showing wrong in some case. Only that node should be consider in mutual count which is has ApprovalStatus = 1. like login node (eg. node 1) and search nodes both have relationship's property ApprovalStatus = 1.

EDIT : My expected result set :

UserProfileID  UserName     ApprovalStatus  MutualCount 
-------------  --------     --------------  ----------- 
502            dharmesh     1               2           (node 3 & 5 )
516            dhruv        2               1           (node 2)
5262           dharmistha   null            1           (node 3) 
1000           dhansukh     null            0               

EDIT : I am updating image for clear understanding.

enter image description here

I am suffering from this issue last 20-25 days, and not getting proper solution, I don't know where is the problem. I have already post this problem many times on stackoverflow. here is the link, and this and this and many more.

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Please add a table that represents your expected output. –  Edward Jul 30 '13 at 15:30
Yes, an expected outcome table would be appreciated Manish. –  Peter Neubauer Jul 30 '13 at 21:39
hi @Edward, I have edited my question with expected output. –  Manish Sapkal Jul 31 '13 at 5:06
hi @peter-neubauer, I have edited my question with expected output. –  Manish Sapkal Jul 31 '13 at 5:08
@peter-neubauer, Is there any problem with data modelling? or some wrong query executed by me? If not, why I am not getting answer? –  Manish Sapkal Jul 31 '13 at 8:47

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As I said in my comment, trying to query for connected and disconnected nodes at the same time doesn't seem to be a good idea.

If you want only connected nodes, try the following query :

START me=node:node_auto_index(UserName = 'manish') 
MATCH me-[:friends]-mf-[:friends]-other, me-[r?]-other 
WHERE other.UserName! =~ '(?i)dh.*' 
RETURN DISTINCT ID(other), r.ApprovalStatus AS status, count(mf) AS mutual, ID(me) 
ORDER BY mutual DESC , status ASC

Please note that I had to add another pattern in the match clause, because your approval status is between (me) and (other), and not between (me) and (mutual friend), which is what you were doing!

This will return the first 3 lines of your expected answer and ignores dhansukh.

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Thanks @bendaizer. but this query took so much time to fetch result. I had tried what you sugest in your earliar comment above for somthing like n=node:userindex('UserName:dh*')), but it also take a time to execute (about 196057ms), though I have just 26000 users and same relation. why? –  Manish Sapkal Aug 1 '13 at 9:26
Do you users have a lot of friends (like hundreds for each one of them) ? because if that's the case, the traversal might wander a lot, and it might hurt your query time. If that's not the case, you should check that you have enough RAM. –  bendaizer Aug 1 '13 at 15:36
Otherwise, you could limit your results to only 1 result to see if that helps, then try 10 etc. If your query returns too many rows, it might take far more time to generate the display –  bendaizer Aug 1 '13 at 15:38
hi @bendaizer, there is no more relations between my node. approximately it would be average 30 friends for each user ruffly. and total 26000 users stored in database. I have pickup just top 2 records using LIMIT clause. still I am getting result in 250-300 ms average and some times it will take 200000ms. and If I fired same query 2nd time it is giving me result in just 11-12ms. (I think it is fetched from cache) here is my query : –  Manish Sapkal Aug 2 '13 at 7:46
START me=node:node_auto_index(UserProfileID = '1') MATCH pMutualFriends=me-[r:friends]-mf-[r1:friends]-(other), me-[r2?]-other WHERE other.UserProfileID <> 1 AND other.FirstName =~ '(?i)i.*' AND r.ApprovalStatus = 1 AND r1.ApprovalStatus = 1 RETURN other.UserProfileID AS UserProfileID, other.UserName AS UserName, other.FirstName + ' ' + other.LastName AS FullName, other.ImagePath AS ImagePath, other.City AS City, r2.ApprovalStatus AS ApprovalStatus, COUNT(DISTINCT pMutualFriends) AS TotMutualFriends, 1 AS Sender ORDER BY TotMutualFriends DESC LIMIT 2; –  Manish Sapkal Aug 2 '13 at 7:47

What about this? http://console-test.neo4j.org/?id=8lloq1

START me=node:node_auto_index(UserProfileID = '1'), other=node(*) 
MATCH pMutualFriends=me-[r?:friends]-mf-[r1?:friends]-other 
WHERE other.UserName! =~ '(?i)dh.*' AND other.UserProfileID? <> 1 AND r.ApprovalStatus=1 
RETURN DISTINCT (other.UserProfileID?),ID(other),me.EMailID?, other.EMailID?, other.UserName?, r.ApprovalStatus, COUNT(pMutualFriends) AS mutualCount
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thanks @peterneubauer, But result not matched. when I tried to execute your query, It shows me mutual count 1 against node5 (UserProfileID=502) instead of 2. (eg. node 3 & node 5), and ApprovalStatus shows me 1 instead of null against node 3 and 1. I think very small mistake should be there. thanks for reply. –  Manish Sapkal Jul 31 '13 at 12:22
where is the problem? or it is not possible in neo4j? what do you think @peterneubauer? –  Manish Sapkal Jul 31 '13 at 13:28

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