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I'm trying to scrape all the user review data from a web page, which is the Shopper app on the Google Play Marketplace. The problem is that with Google's new layout, the next buttons don't seem to click.

To start, there are two next buttons, which are for the screenshots and the reviews.

The next buttons have a different element path than the previous buttons, so that's not the problem.

The problem is that both the next buttons have the same element path and I can't specify which one I want to click. To make things worse, the second one on the page is the one I actually want to click so I can't just click the path and let the first one be clicked like it would normally.

Here is the code:

casper.start(URL).thenClick('div.expand-button.expand-next div.play-button div.button-image-wrapper div.button-image', function() {
    this.capture(//...); // take two screenshots
    var names = this.evaluate(function() { 
        return $('span.author-name').text() + '\n';

casper.thenClick('div.expand-button.expand-next div.play-button div.button-image', function() {
    this.capture(/*...*/); // take two screenshots with the same dimensions and placement as in the start
    var names = this.evaluate(function() { 
        return $('span.author-name').text() + '\n';
    this.echo('\n' + '\n' + names).exit();


These screenshots have the same dimensions specified for the screenshot. The first one is in the casper.start method and the second one is in the casper.thenClick method.

enter image description here enter image description here

These screenshots are the same as the first pair except they were taken on a different part of the page.

enter image description here enter image description here

One problem is that there seems to not even be a next button for the reviews and the page doesn't look the same as it does on my browser.

Another problem is the fact that nothing seems to be clicked, not even the first next button on the page. The names being displayed when the program is run, before and after the second click, are the same.

Last problem is that the screenshots aren't the same even though nothing is clicked and the dimensions and margins given are exactly the same.

Any ideas?

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