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I am using the plot3c function to map a matrix of data in the x,y,z, and color axes. For clarification, my z-data and color data are one and the same, but represented on the two axes. Due to instrumental limitations, my data has a set of false color values where an unreadable point is represented with a 0. I would like to have every z/color value of 0 represented with a different marker type than the rest of the data. I know how to change marker type for a plot but I do not know how to set a marker type for specific values within a plot. How can I do this?

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You could just overlay a second plot that only plots where z is 0:

% Your original plot, I'm assuming plot3c(x,y,z,z)

hold on

mask = z==0;
plot3(x(mask), y(mask), z(mask), '^')

Or more efficiently as suggested in radarhead's comment:

mask = z==0;
plot3c(x(~mask), y(~mask), z(~mask), z(~mask))
hold on
plot3(x(mask), y(mask), z(mask), '^')
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I would also suggest using the same mask to plot only non-zero elements at first. That way you won't have two markers on those zero elements. – radarhead Jul 30 '13 at 15:05

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