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I have a SVN server instance set up on my desktop for the purposes of demonstrating the many benefits of SVN/TortoiseSVN.

Performance has today degrading significantly however when performing actions such as viewing the logs etc. This isn't ideal for a demonstration, given that a "Show Log" operation now takes approx 5seconds, whereas before it was sub-second response.

The puzzling thing is this performance degradation only seems to have come about after I performed the following actions:

  • changed password for one user (myself)
  • created a second user
  • created a 2nd repository on the server

Note, after changing the password for the user I had issues with certificates, so I cleaned all Tortoise caches.

To attempt to resolve the problem I have :

  • cleared all TortoiseSVN Settings-Saved Data including cached authentication data.
  • I have also cleared the cached logs
  • dropped the new second repository.
  • reboot

To no avail.

Information that might be pertinent:

  • One repository.
  • Hosted locally.
  • Repository security is managed by VisualSVN. Everyone has R/W access.
  • Main repository only consists of ~30MB/600 files.
  • Repository has only had ~50 revisions.

VisualSVN properties:

  • Automatically adjust permissions: Enabled
  • Use Secure Connection: Enabled
  • Server Binding - All IP Addresses
  • Certificate is in date
  • Authentication is Subversion
  • No special logging other than Event Log

Event log shows nothing unusual.

If no response then tomorrow I might try running Process Monitor by Sysinternals

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Could be completely unrelated but after a recent password change by one of our users, Commit Monitor was spamming the server with access attempts. It was leading to performance degradation that was noticeable.

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I haven't seen this occur again, but have accepted your answer. –  Topdown Mar 10 '10 at 0:55

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