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Is there a way to get rid of the selection rectangle when clicking a link which does not refresh the current page entirely?

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Do you mean the dotted outline of a target?


:focus {
    outline: 0;

This would remove all focus outlines. IT's essentially the same as onclick in JavaScript terms. You might prefer to apply this to a:focus.

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As pointed out in the answer to the question linked to below: "the outline is essential for keyboard-navigators as it designates where your selection is and, so, gives a hint to where your next 'tab' might go. Thus, it's inadvisable to remove this dotted-line selection." –  Sam Hasler Oct 14 '08 at 22:57
I agree, I often add my own focus effects. An opacity decrease for images and a background/color change for navigation items for example. –  Ross Oct 19 '08 at 20:52

Try adding this:


Discussed here as well


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It's easier to use the CSS focus attribute, but this will work in older browsers. –  Ross Oct 7 '08 at 17:31

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