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Is there any way to get or see all the device's properties in Android Debug Bridege Shell?

adb-shell shows and retrieves only the device's, which is connected, current prosesses of the current session as I see.

I just wonder that there is an adb-shell script command to see that device's all technical product informations. I am planning to create an Android Virtual Device profile, but I don't have any technical information about the device. But if I can get those informations from adb, then I will be able to create that profile to build and to run android applications.

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To see all connected devices, you can type adb devices

To get the serial number, you can type adb serialno

Also, adb status-window opens a window with constant monitoring of the device

More crazy:

adb shell pm list features shows a list of features the device has

adb shell pm list users shows a list of users the device has (needs root)

You can't really get things like screen resolution etc through ADB unfortunately.

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Thanks. "adb shell pm list features" command line helped enough for me. –  Çağrı Çakır Jul 31 '13 at 8:51
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