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Consider this example. I have a list of galleries that each have a unique client selected. I can also change the client of a particular gallery. To do this I have created a client list in a select/option list.

<select ng-model="clientList" ng-options=" as client.clientName for client in clients" >
     <option value="">Choose Client</option>

The list is populated from DB. Usually I use the to make item selected. Being new to Angularjs, it seems that it assigns it's own values to the value="". In my example, the gallery table has a client column listing that unique clientID relating to the client table and the How do I make the correct client selected?


function imageGalleryCtrl ($scope, images, clients, galleries)

    $scope.panes = [
        { title:"Home", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/create.html", active: true },
        { title:"Upload", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/upload.html"},
        { title:"Edit", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/edit.html"}

    //close modal
    $scope.close = function () {
        $scope.imageUploader = false;

    //get gallery info on click from table
    $scope.getGallery = function(id, gallery)
        //set gallery ID to scope
        $scope.galleryID = id;

        //open the modal
        $scope.imageUploader = true;

        //get gallery information
        $scope.galleryCollection = galleries.getGallery(id);

            $ = galleries.thisGal;

        //get clients
        $scope.clientCollection = clients.getClients();

            $scope.clients = clients.clients;
            //Set client

        //get all the images 
        $scope.imgCollection = images.getImages(id);

            $scope.images = images.thisGal_images;


myApp.factory('galleries', function ($http, $q)
    return {
        getGallery: function (id)
            var deferred = $q.defer(id);

            $'/beta/images/get/', {id: id}).success(function(data)

            return deferred.promise;

The client service is pretty much the same, just referencing the proper url

Thanks for the help


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It is model driven, you need to set $scope.clientList to the client id. In your controller you can do something like this

function Ctrl($scope) {
    $scope.clients = [{
        id: 1,
        clientName: 'Joe'
    }, {
        id: 2,
        clientName: 'Tom'
    }, {
        id: 3,
        clientName: 'Bob'

    $scope.clientList = 2; //clientList is the model defined in the select directive

Demo on jsFiddle

And if the id field is a string, you should set clientList as string rather than integer:

$scope.clientList = "245";
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thanks, looks like my issue lies elsewhere. Your fiddle works perfectly. Setting the $scope.clientList doesn't have any effect on the select list. I'll update my question with the whole controller to see if that uncovers anything – Bungdaddy Jul 30 '13 at 16:50
Let me know when it's done. – zsong Jul 30 '13 at 16:54
entire controller up. – Bungdaddy Jul 30 '13 at 16:58
seems working actually. What error did you see in your code? – zsong Jul 30 '13 at 17:08
I think the problem is the (clients), i added screenshot of output console.log(clients); – Bungdaddy Jul 30 '13 at 17:20

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