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I am programatically creating buttons and each button has a tag binary array. While creating I am binding an event Button.Click but I do not know how to add parameter since the event handler is already prepared. I would need to pass the tag of the button to method that is called by that event.

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You don't need to pass the tag of the button - the button is provided as the sender, so you can get at the tag directly:

private void HandleButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Button button = (Button) sender;
    object tag = button.Tag;

Another alternative is to wire up the event manually with an anonymous method or lambda expression, which lets you call another method with a more suitable signature:

button.Click += (s, e) => SaveDocument(someLocalVariable);

In that example, someLocalVariable is local to the method wiring up the events - it could be an instance variable of course, but then you don't really need to pass it as you'd have access anyway.

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As Jon Skeet points out, there's a very direct way for that to happen. However, I'd question why you're storing a binary array as a buttons Tag. Is there perhaps a better way to do it? –  Jason D Nov 25 '09 at 7:12

Get your tag like this

byte[] myData = ((Button)sender).Tag
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