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I have an file such as:

 ... line 1 ...
 ... line 2 ...
 POP3_SERVER_NAME = localhost
 ... line 4 ...

And, I would like to replace the value of POP3_SERVER_NAME on line 3 in my file, which might or might not be localhost with some other value.

I know how to get at the 3rd line with:

sed -n '3p'

But I need to get only at the localhost part.

I want to print the value, and replace the actual value with another value in my file.

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You don't need to print the value to replace it. In sed printing and replacing require different commands:

To modify the line

The literal answer for your question is:

sed -i '3s/POP3_SERVER_NAME = .*/POP3_SERVER_NAME = new_value/'


  • -i - edit files in place (makes backup if extension supplied)
  • 3 - for the 3rd line
  • s/search/replace/ - search for search and replace it with replace

But you can probably make it more general by omitting one of the constraints e.g:

sed -i 's/POP3_SERVER_NAME = .*/POP3_SERVER_NAME = new_value/'


sed -i '3s/= .*$/= new_value/'

To print the value

sed -n '3s/POP3_SERVER_NAME = //p'

Differences from line modify:

  • -n - suppress automatic printing of pattern space
  • p - print this line.
  • replacing the matching string with an empty string.


sed -n 's/POP3_SERVER_NAME = //p'


sed -n '3s/.* = //p'
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You can use awk:

awk -F '[ =]+' 'NR==3{print $3}' file

Or using sed:

sed -n '3s/^.*= *\(.*\)$/\1/p' file
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