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I'm having trouble using the Google's Cloud endpoints with Android. I have one maven project, with two modules, Android app and Web app. The web app is generating the endpoints client library, but it's just a zip file with all the dependencies and the .jar file with complied classes and some pom file.

The problem is, how to make it included in the Android module? I need this in order to get the build fully automatized. Any ideas?

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The solution I used is to extract the zip file, and from within that extract the sources.jar to your Android project's src/main/java directory. You can write a script that does this such as the following. Maybe someone knows a better way.


rm -rf ${CLIENTTMP}
mkdir -p ${CLIENTTMP}

# -o == overwrite w/o asking
# -d == output dir
unzip -o -d ${CLIENTTMP} ${LIBZIP}
unzip -o -d ${ANDROIDSRC} ${SRCJAR}
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And does this work with Maven? I did it the way I manually pull all I need and I've created two submodules which I maintain/replace the code in. – Tadeas Kriz Oct 7 '13 at 20:06
Sure it works with Maven in the sense that the generated Android client libs are being unzipped into the src/java folder as if they're a regular part of my Android app's source. There is no formal maven dependency link between the web app and the client app, but I didn't necessarily need that. – Preston Landers Oct 16 '13 at 12:41
I see what you mean. That sounds good. Only if it was platform independent :/ Probably writing a java .jar "script" that would do the unzipping might work, right? – Tadeas Kriz Oct 16 '13 at 14:15

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