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Is there any way to porting a Symfony2 App to a .exe Desktop app ?

I've tried tideSDK but without any success maybe for the complexity of the symfony2 framework. I would not use xampp or similar but if there is no alternative I will use a portable apache server (like goserver or xampp etc..)

Any advice ?

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I've resolved with mongoose web server, php-cgi, nsis and webkit library. I've modified just a bit mongoose and the app.php symfony2 entry point file because mongoose not read .htaccess file. Then using nsis I've made a single .exe installer


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Please can you give some detail on how you process to resolve the problem with .htaccess, because I'm in the same case as you, I tried phpdesktop which uses mongoose, but I have problems with .htaccess –  Nico Jul 30 at 9:46
You can pass rewrite rules as options to mongoose. mongoose -url_rewrites **=web/index.php –  originof Aug 6 at 8:57

If your project is a command-line-application:

Have you thought about packing your application into a .phar application? You could then easily access it with $ php yourpackage.phar <command>. If you then work with the PATH, you may be able to simply write $ yourpackage <command>.

If your project has a web interface, you would need to include a web browser and webserver w. php interpreter into the exe (im no expert in such programming languages), thats not very convenient, is it?

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