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I am using Hawt.io to monitor my Apache Camel java app, but I have found that if I let it run I cannot use jvisualvm (and similar tools) to profile my app. It seems Hawt.io is using the connector that Camel exposes so jvisualvm cannot connect to the jvm.

What can I do to have Hawt.io and still be able to use jvisualvm?

Thank you!

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Can JConsole connect to your JVM too?

Hawtio just connects to Jolokia on the server side; which just exposes JMX over HTTP/JSON; so the hawtio console doesn't itself change JMX in any way.

Incidentally are you using Local connector to connect from the hawtio web app into a separate JVM? Only that approach does add a jolokia agent dynamically to the JVM you are trying to connect to. If thats whats causing the issue - don't use it - and just configure your own Jolokia agent in your JVM?

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Tried using jconsole to connect to the JVM. Doesn't work either. We are embedding hawtio inside our stand alone java application using hawt.io/getstarted as an example to work from. –  sfosdal Jul 31 '13 at 18:39
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