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I have a grails app running on a URL something like -

http://{ip address}/appName

Now I am trying to have a sub-folder of my domain pointing to that app server. Something like -

h ttp://www.mydomain.com/subfolder/appName => http://{ip address}/appName

When I load the url with subfolder the grails app responds properly and redirects to the first page of the app (as expected). But the problem is - all other URL's in the page (controllers, css, image files, etc.) ignores the "subfolder" at the end of the URL.

Like, instead of trying to point to

h ttp://www.mydomain.com/social/appName/{controllerName}

h ttp://www.mydomain.com/social/appName/{cssFileName}


Everything points to

h ttp://www.mydomain.com/appName/{controllerName}

h ttp://www.mydomain.com/appName/{cssFileName}


I have tried modifying grails.serverURL and grails.app.context. But still the same problem.

Would appreciate any help or suggestions/workarounds. Thanks.

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You could try:


See also: grails 2.0 - correct use of serverURL for production?

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