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I am working in GWT. Currently my requirement is simple. I want a JSON in following format:

{":question" : { ":id":"123", ":question_text":"some text", ":nodes":["123","111"]}}

I need to create an object in GWT code such that when I use jquery's json plugin to parse that object; I should get above listed json. This json needs to be sent to a remote service.

Currently I have tried using Java Hashmaps and Java custom objects modelled for these attributes but they always seem to have metadata in generated JSON and I am just not able to get this format.

It would be great if someone could suggest how I could go about modelling this data object such that I was get a JSON parsed as expected.

Or can I just write a simple custom JSON parser in Javascript? How do I do that?

cheers -Priyank

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Your question is very unclear. What are you trying to do? Does your GWT application generate JSON? JSON is a protocol for serializing objects to strings and vice versa. – a paid nerd Nov 25 '09 at 8:22
Yes very unclear indeed. If you just need JSON then write it in a string and pass that to javascript native code that calls jquery. GWT objects will always contain extra things since they are not just a plain mapping to a readable JSON string and all members and classes get obfuscated anyway. – David Nouls Nov 25 '09 at 9:01
yeah, I indeed just needed a json and finally I did pass it back in a native method. Initially I was just looking for how to ensure that I get exact JSON when given an object without meta-data being put into object. Maybe this would have worked; but I never got down to trying it. – Priyank Nov 25 '09 at 9:07
perhaps you should try it? – Chii Nov 25 '09 at 9:33
What is with the ":" before the keys? Why ":question" instead of "question"? I don't think that is going to work (at least on the javascript side)... – cmcculloh Nov 25 '09 at 11:43
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Just to throw it out there, there are a few JSON Java libraries that are pretty nice and simple. The two I have most of my experience with are:

The benefit to both (and most other JSON libraries for Java) is that they handle marshalling most native Java object types to sane JSON equivalents -- in other words, they make it easy to add the contents of a variable to a JSON structure, whether the variable's an integer, long, string, boolean, whatever. So with JSON-Lib, you could build your example as such:

int id = 123;
String questionText = "some text";
int[] nodes = new int[] { 123, 111 };

JSONObject question = new JSONObject();
question.put(":id", id);
question.put(":question text", questionText);
question.put(":nodes", nodes);
JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
json.put(":question", question);

String jsonString = json.toString();
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