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I have the following type of data (inside a data.frame df):

x     A      B      C
1    100    1.2    1.3
2    90     1.1    0.9

I want to have a multiple bar plot of the columns A, B, C of df, so I run the following:

tmp <- cbind(df$x, melt(df[,-1]))
names(tmp) <- c("x", "variable", "value")
ggplot(tmp, aes(x,value)) + geom_bar(stat = "identity" ) + facet_grid(variable~.)

And it works fine, except for the fact that the values in the column A are much higher than for the rest, and the scales are not adapting. Could somebody give me a hint on own to adjust the scale in each plot?

Thanks a lot!

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you need to add scales='free_y' to facet_grid as documented in ?facet_grid...


df <-'clipboard', header=TRUE)

tmp <- cbind(df$x, melt(df[, -1]))
names(tmp) <- c("x", "variable", "value")

ggplot(tmp, aes(x=x)) + 
  geom_bar(stat = "identity" ) + 
  facet_grid(variable ~ ., scales='free_y')
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I've tried your answer, but i get this: Error in exists(name, envir = env, mode = mode) : argument "env" is missing, with no default – Juan Mar 25 at 18:07
Here is the correct answer, as Justin stated at the beginning: ggplot(tmp, aes(x,value)) + geom_bar(stat = "identity" ) + facet_grid(variable~., scales='free_y') – Yu Shen Mar 27 at 9:41

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