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I have a branch called v2.0 in gerrit. Now I want to the current stat of this branch as v2.0.1.

In my local repository I checked out the branch, then added the tag using

git tag v2.0.1

Now I'm trying to push that to gerrit, but I'm not sure how. I tried this:

$ git push origin v2.0.1 HEAD:refs/heads/v2.0
! [remote rejected] v2.0.1 -> v2.0 (prohibited by Gerrit)

How can I push the tag to gerrit?

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2 Answers

After some googling, I found the answer:

gerrit accepts only annotated tags. It's quite straightforward to create and push an annotated tag:

git checkout v2.0
git tag -am "Adding v2.0.1 tag" v2.0.1
git push origin v2.0.1 HEAD:refs/heads/v2.0
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The above command works for me, I was just hoping that someone could explain the push. Why is the tag pushed to refs/heads/branchname and not refs/tags? –  TheCycoONE Jun 13 at 13:07
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Tags and branches are completely independent concepts in Git, so your command doesn't make sense. A tag only links to a commit, and is repository-wide.

Both tags and branches are references, think about tags as fixed references to a commit, and branches as moving references on the tip of a commits' branch.

If the commit tagged v2.0.1 is already in the v2.0 branch I'd say you only have to push both to origin. If not, you'll want to merge the branch containing the tag into the v2.0 branch, and push both.

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