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I am trying to install and configure apache hadoop for windows 7.

Everthing went fine untill i had to specify the path for java.

I am following this tutorial

I commented #export , with the one the author mention in the above mention article. The error which i am getting is as follow

/usr/local/hadoop/libexec/../conf/ line 10: export: `C:\Java\jre7': not a valid identifier Error: JAVA_HOME is not set.

as you can see, in the error message it is mention that JAVA_Home is not set, however i have set JAVA_Home.

One more update i am trying to configure Hadoop 1.1.2

Please help me with this one.

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2 Answers 2

You need to set JAVA_HOME then it work fine..set java home using this link..

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You have to give unix path for location of java for example

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