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I'm working in a project which needs to clean up some third party XSD Schemas and I want to do some refactoring of common elements in them.

There is any suitable tool to automate this? I tried by sfactor from XMLBeans but it doesn't work (it throws a weird exception which even Google can't answer!).

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With lack of answers, I pulled out some spare time and I build xnikt, a Java tool which fulfills my actual need to extract common elements from XSD. I free it as GPL, so anyone can fork it, enhance it, etc.

I'm open to collaboration, so if anyone has ideas and time, contact me!

And I tested it against the XSD schemas which I wanted to refactor and it works like a charm.

I hope it would help anyone who maybe is or will be in the same situation.

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I'm facing the same problem and will gladly try your tool (since I did not find another API that does this). Thanks for your work! –  pmf Jun 24 '11 at 20:49

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