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I have a view controller with a table view. The UITableViewCell width is set to 320 in IB. Now, I want to use the view controller in iPad by adding it to a superview. The superview's width is bigger than 320. The table view shows on the superview. The problem is that it only occupy 320. How can I change the cell width to occupy whole superview's width? Thanks.

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The autoresizing mask should suite your needs here. –  dasdom Jul 30 '13 at 18:10

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Hey you need to create a custom UITableViewCell. Than you can overwrite the function

- (void) layoutSubviews
    [dateLabel setFrame:CGRectMake(10.f, 16.f, 80.f, 12.f)];
    [textLabel setFrame:CGRectMake(106.f, 16.f, self.frame.size.width-105.f + 1.f, 12.f)];

In that function the self.frame.size.width is the actual one.

And it works with rotation of the device, too.

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