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For my life I trying to find out why are my callbacks are not getting executed sometimes(you heard it right sometimes as most of time it works out of the box)

All I have is parent/child relations between 2 models

upon creation of child record all I'm doing in after_create callback is update(accumulate all child amount in parent field to avoid heavy query at run time) the amount field in parent table/ model record

Parent model(Payout)

Child model is (Sales Transaction)

Payout has_many SalesTransactions as said above upon creation of sales transaction I'm updating(incrementing to be precise) the amount field of parent record (payout record) so as to avoid heavy query at run time.

so Payout amount field is nothing but summation of all amount of the sales_transactions of that payouts

it as good as saying as payout.amount would be(after callback is executed)

payout.amount == payout.sales_transactions.pluck('amount').sum

and that what I trying to achieve using callbacks

class SalesTransaction < ActiveRecord::Base
   belongs_to :payout
   after_create :update_payout_for_sale

   def update_payout_for_sale
    sales_amount = payout.amount || 0
    sales_amount =  sales_amount + amount.to_f
    ## Also make note of the minus from original amount i.e refund and custom_deduction_amount
    payout.update_attributes(:amount => sales_amount)


class Payout < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :sales_transactions
  has_one :referrer
  after_save :update_referrer_earning

  def update_referrer_earning
    referrer.update_attributes(:amount  => (amount*10)/100.to_d)) rescue nil

The interesting part over here is that sometime when SalesTransaction is created the callback is just not called as I dont see the update value of the in payouts record

I'm trying to avoid the callback for now but for the sake knowing why the callback is not getting executed has led me to ask this question


  1. There is not Validation neither on SalesTransaction and Payout table ( I have check this 1000 times) Payout.validators => []

    SalesTransaction.validators => []

  2. There is no mass asssignment issue as I havent define attr_accessible or attr_protected (I Check this as well and also as said it work most time which wouldn't have been the case with mass-assignment warning)

  3. SalesTransaction record is getting created all the time only the payouts record is not getting update(sometime)

  4. I have removed most of the unwanted(over here) associations from sales_transactions and payouts for code brevity

  5. No there isnt any thing like accepts_nested_attributes_for on either of the models

  6. No dynamic validations attached ,extra, extra

Lastly Here how I'm trying to create the SalesTransaction

  options =  {"performer_id"=>177, "customer_id"=>35526, "sale_type"=>"sale", "show_id"=>502, "performer_percentage"=>BigDecimal.new("40.0"), "show_duration"=>4104, "gross_credits"=>3754, "gross_sales"=>BigDecimal.new("375.4"), "amount"=>BigDecimal.new("150.16"), "affiliate_id"=>nil, "affiliate_earning"=>BigDecimal.new("0.0"), "total_profit"=>BigDecimal.new("225.24"), "payout_period_id"=>89,"payout_id"=>4156, "stream_connection_id"=>540572, "history_id"=>44575, "credits"=>{:when_show_started=>350, :purchased_during_show=>{:free=>[], :paid=>[]}, :total_consumed=>{:free=>350, :paid=>3754}}, "sliding_scale_recalculations_done"=>false, "paid_minutes"=>62.57}


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The first thing that jumps out at me is the Payout class doesn't inherit from ActiveRecord::Base. Also, I'm confused about NOTE #2. Did you disable whitelisting attributes in your application.rb file which is why you aren't using attr_accessible? Otherwise that list of attributes needs to be defined. Assuming those two questions aren't the culprit, this should work as I just tested it. –  Keith Jul 31 '13 at 20:31
@Keith my apologizes typo error correcting it –  Ratatouille Aug 1 '13 at 7:26
@Keith With regards to whitelisting as I mention I havent define any anything attr_accessible or attr_protected in Payout Model also as mention in the same point #2 that it was a case of mass-assignment it would have fail all the time and not sometime –  Ratatouille Aug 1 '13 at 7:29

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I wanted to leave a comment in response to Viren. Try SalesTransaction.create! (with the exclamation mark). Do you then see the mass-assignment error consistently?

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nope the sales transaction records is getting created only the payouts column update is not functioning sometimes I have checked for mass-assignment in payouts model as well –  Ratatouille Aug 6 '13 at 9:46

Try after_save instead of after_create.

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