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I'm taking some introductory classes on SAP/ABAP and we've been playing around with it quite well. But I can't find anywhere if there is any keyboard shortcut for double-clicking the selected object... Not even my ABAP teacher knows if there is one.

It's rather silly that I have to keep switching hands to double click something, i.e., I'm typing in a Data Element and have to double click it for details/creation. Isn't there any keyboard shortcut for this??? Thanks!

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What kind of ABAP teacher is he?!?! But seriously I see lots of consultants and developers in the project who do not know such basics a bit scary if you think of it. –  Jagger Jul 31 '13 at 17:07

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Yes, F2. This dates back - well, probably an eternity.

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A few other good tips I can give you.

Ctrl Shift V, lets you pick from what you previously copied.

Also by holding down the 'ALT' key you can do box selection, if you copy that, make sure you have enough empty space to paste, because it will overwrite whatever was previously written in that space.

Another cool feature, if you have a selection with alt key and press a key, other then space or tab, windows will close all SAP programs.

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Mark the object correctly and press f2 or ctrl + f2.

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