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Is it possible for a person working with statistic to replace his specialized programs by F#? I'm thinking about SAS/SPSS mainly?

Any native support for it in F#?

I am not talking about the trivial things as standard deviation and the likes, but for example item-response modeling.

UPDATE : Dont't let the item-response modeling put you of! I don't even know it, just an example of things I know they do with SPSS to clarify it's about more advanced features.

Short : is there a way to use F# as your main statistical tool and replace SPSS all together?

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Sadly, nothing comporable to combination of R + PostgreSQL + Python/Java/Groovy/Scala/... + VisAD

Of course, there is nice http://www.codeplex.com/vslab instead of gnuplot and some c# statistics code packaged in http://ta-lib.org/ http://www.alglib.net/

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You can use R within F# with the type providers for R



and see


Here at BlueMountain we like to perform statistical analysis of data. The stats package R is great for doing that. We also like to use the data retrieval and processing capabilities of F#. F#’s interactive environment lends itself pretty well to data exploration, and we can also easily access our existing .NET-based libraries. Once we are done, we can build and release production-supportable applications.

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