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I have successfully implemented tabs in a modal with the Angular directives for TB. I have been trying to figure out from the documentation how to make certain things happen when a tab is clicked. No success yet.


        <tab ng-repeat="tab in tabs" active="tab.active" heading="{{tab.title}}" disabled="tab.disabled" >
            <div ng-include="tab.content"></div>


$scope.tabs = [
        { title:"Home", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/create.html", active: true },
        { title:"Upload", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/upload.html"},
        { title:"Edit", content:"/beta/application/views/images/uploader/edit.html"}

There is a ng-click="select()", leaving me to think I could call the following.

$scope.select = function () {

Obviously I am wrong.


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I think you're talking about the AngularUI tabs and I think you are talking about the select attribute on the directive.

If you put the select="scopeMethod()" on the tab directive, and define the controller method like so:

$scope.scopeMethod = function(){
  //Do something meaningful
  alert("You clicked this tab");

the method will fire when you click on that tab.

This should also work for tabs that are created within an ng-repeat. See this plunkr

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your assumptions are correct. Using the ng-repeat, do you know what the best option is for firing a method for a particular tab? -- thanks –  Bungdaddy Jul 30 '13 at 19:46
Apparently, I was wrong. This should also work on tabs within an ng-repeat. See my edit and link to the plunker. –  BoxerBucks Jul 30 '13 at 19:53
thanks man, solid answer and clears up some other issues as well. Thanks –  Bungdaddy Jul 30 '13 at 20:00

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