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Inside Fitnesse DoFixture, you can use check keyword to compare one of the objects with an expected value. I was wondering if there is a check not equal that exists to make sure the expected and actual do not match up.

I have tried using that set of keywords but it is not supported. There is a reject keyword for DoFixtures, but it does not accomplish the goal. Anyone know of a method? For a testing framework, it seems like it should be obvious, but I've had a rough time digging through the UserGuide.


|check not equal| guid | c1acff01-e45b-4b7d-b6f5-84f8830ef6b4 | 

Scenario Pass: guid != c1acff01-e45b-4b7d-b6f5-84f8830ef6b4

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I was unable to find this type of test condition, so instead, I put the logic inside the Fixture code with the expectation to return true when a != b. In the Fit code, I had the following:


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With fitSharp you can have


This will pass if mymethod is not equal to myvalue. I don't think this works with the Java FitLibrary.

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Thanks for the post, but I am working with Java and not fitSharp. I think I found a solution in which I can use the fixture to do the not equals logic to return an expected boolean value. Not the ideal solution, but it works. –  Gaʀʀʏ Aug 2 '13 at 16:21

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