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I have a standard bootstrap datepicker in a bootstrap modal dialog. I create a new modal every time as the content is dynamic, but there is a datepicker every time. Everything works fine. However, I am starting to notice that every time i launch the modal, bootstrap appends it's UI div to the DOM. After a while, I have plenty of this at the end of my DOM:

<div class="bootstrap-datetimepicker-widget dropdown-menu">...</div>

I have other datepickers on the page so deleting all divs with that class is not feasible.

Is there anyway that I can add an id to that div? any way to distinguish it from the others?

OR, is this even a problem? There is basic security so the session times out after 30 min and the user needs to refresh. So at most 5 hours before lunch and they need to reload, which solves the problem.

how much of a performance hit am i taking with say 200 of these in the DOM?

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