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Hi I am using PMD to do code-review for my application. I am able to do the review, but i dont have a clue where the report will be stored. i am using this cmd "C:\PMD test\Source>java -jar pmd-4.2.5/lib/pmd-4.2.5.jar JavaSource\com\ex\app html basic" in command prompt.

it is displaying the entire result in the command window, is there any way the result will be stored as a HTML or any other file. if it is the case, where will it be stored? do we need to configure anything?


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Just found out a way to re-direct the console output to another text file. That solves the problem. i am just renaming the extension txt to html.

So actual command should be "C:\PMD test\Source>java -jar pmd-4.2.5/lib/pmd-4.2.5.jar JavaSource\com\ex\app html basic >result.txt"

">result.txt" actually redirects the console output to result.txt file

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