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I am using Sinatra routes and I would like to interpret, if possible, a normal HTTP address as parameter in a route:

url http://somesite/blog/archives   

where the route is:


The code is:

get '/:url' do |u|  
(some code dealing with url)

The various '/' in the HTTP URL are creating problems.

The workaround I found is passing only the URL part represented by 'somesite' in the example above, and then using:

get '/:url' do |u|
buildUrl = "http://#{u}/blog/archives"
(some code dealing with url)

Is there a way to deal directly with the full URL?

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What's your end goal? – mipadi Jul 30 '13 at 22:24
webscraping the provided url: buildUrl. I process the provided page using nokogiri. Perhaps just not the usage of sinatra. – blackbird014 Jul 31 '13 at 11:59
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This will not work as you specified. As you noticed, the slashes cause trouble. What you can do instead is pass the URL as a querystring param instead of part of the URL.

get '/example' do
  url = params[:url]
  # do code with url

Then you can crawl whatever you want by sending your data to

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Note: this will not work if the site you're crawling also uses querystrings. – AlexQueue Aug 10 '13 at 19:30

It's not obvious what you want, but, in general, Ruby's built-in URI class is useful for peeling apart URLs, munging them, then reconstructing them. If it's not sophisticated enough, the Addressable::URI gem should fill in any missing holes:

require 'uri'
param = '/http://somesite/blog/archives'
scheme, userinfo, host, port, registry, path, opaque, query, fragment = URI.split(param[1..-1])
=> ["http", nil, "somesite", nil, nil, "/blog/archives", nil, nil, nil]
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What i want is that, as a caller of the sinatra route, I pass the url which in the controller I want to parse (check the workaround in my original question). This means that the route is defined as /:url and the url itself has to be passed from the browser. The problem is that sinatra cannot match the / to a route when the browser has after it all the http url which I would like to be recognized as parameter. Therefore the need of the workaround I used. I can live with it, but good ideas are more than welcome. Thanx for your reply – blackbird014 Jul 31 '13 at 8:08

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