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I need parsing a number, String value = "15000000"

Public static String FormatValue(value){
    double formatedValue= Double.parseDouble(value);        

    DecimalFormatSymbols dfs = new DecimalFormatSymbols();
    dfs.setGroupingSeparator(' ');
    DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("# ### ### ### ###.##", dfs);
    return  String.valueOf(formatedValue);  

I need the return value to be "15 000 000.00" BUT, When I call the method returns, "7.5E7", how can I avoid the scientific notation?

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Use a DecimalFormat to format your number as a string, in the format you want. Your code doesn't compile. Show your real code. –  JB Nizet Jul 30 '13 at 21:49

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You ignored the return of the format method and instead returned the normal conversion to a String using String.valueOf. The format method doesn't change the number; it returns its formatted representation. Also, String.valueOf will use scientific notation if the number is large enough.

Just return what format returns.

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