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I want to create labels to my plots with the latex computer modern font. However, the only way to persuade matplotlib to use the latex font is by inserting something like:


This is of course ridiculous, I tell latex to start math mode, and then exit math mode temporary to write the actual string. How do I make sure that all labels are rendered in latex, instead of just the formulas? And how do I make sure that this will be the default behaviour?

A minimal working example is as follows:

import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

# use latex for font rendering
mpl.rcParams['text.usetex'] = True

x = np.linspace(-50,50,100)
y = np.sin(x)**2/x

plt.ylabel(r'Not a latex font')

This gives the following result:

Plot showing incorrect rendering of latex font types

Here the x axis is how I want the labels to appear. How do I make sure that all labels appear like this without having to go to math mode and back again?

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On my system the default behavior is that usetex enables LaTeX for everything, and actually I'm exactly looking for the behavior you describe (LaTeX only for $...$). Since all answers only mention how font.family must be set to achieve your case, it would be great if you could specify the alternative that achieves these non-LaTeX fonts... –  bluenote10 Feb 17 '14 at 12:19

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The default Latex font is known as Computer Modern:

from matplotlib import rc
import matplotlib.pylab as plt

rc('font', **{'family': 'serif', 'serif': ['Computer Modern']})
rc('text', usetex=True)

x = plt.linspace(0,5)
plt.ylabel(r"This is $\sin(x)$", size=20)

enter image description here

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Thanks! This can be enabled by default by changing the matplotlibrc file. Set: tex.usetex = True font.family = serif font.serif = cm –  Dirklinux Aug 14 '13 at 19:57

The marked answer can be enabled by default by changing a few lines in the matplotlibrc file:

text.usetex = True
font.family = serif 
font.serif = cm
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I am using matplotlib 1.3.1 on Mac OSX, add the following lines in matplotlibrc works for me

text.usetex : True
font.family : serif 
font.serif  : cm

Using = leads to a UserWarning: Illegal line

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