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More like what Facebook does when they create a new feature! Or like when you're setting up your profile for the first time on LinkedIn or Google+ that guides the user through the website scrolling to the necessary buttons and showing the user where to click as well as other information. I want to create such a feature for my website but I'm confused to begin with. Which scripting language will help me achieve my goal? Javascript/Ajax/html5? It's there any tutorial out there on the web that can be of help? Thanks!

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First off, the only "scripting language" you list there is javascript, ajax is "asynchronous javascript and xml" and is still Javascript, HTML 5 isn't a scripting language.

You'd probably find it easiest to just make divs with the different steps in them and using javascript (or jQuery), you can hide each step and show the next step as needed.

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Use libs like Tourist.js.

Tourist.js is a simple library for creating guided tours through your app

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You should use Javascript, better with a library: jQuery, Prototype...

Try with the jQuery Courses at codeschool, it'll help you a lot.

Good luck

EDIT: Looks like i give a really poor answer.

The thing is, to do what you want, for sure you are going to use JavaScript. Looking how you are asking this, i asume that you doesn't have any knowledge about JS.

So, JS is really important for web development. I recomend you to learn some JS before do the "tour script". A little search will show you tons of tutorials. On W3C there are some good tutorials.

Then, you can jump to jQuery,a library that makes the use of JS easier and cross-browser.

Once you have some basics about jQuery, i'm pretty sure that you will know how to do that, even without a library.

Sorry for my English. Good luck and have fun (you wilL!!! js is cool and jquery is awesome)

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Technically "JavaScript" is the correct answer to his question "which scripting language should I use", but you should be a bit more specific on how to use it for a walktrough. Currently your post is not very helpful. –  Bergi Jul 31 '13 at 2:23

You can use java script libraries like Hopscotch or Joyride.

If you want UI builder, you can try out WalkMe, TourMyApp or OverLay101, all come with limited free trials.

Another one which has got easy UI based walkthrough builder is WhatFix. WhatFix also captures screens along with html elements to provide both static as well as in-app interactive version of walk-throughs.

Static version of WhatFix walk-through can be embedded as slide-shows, articles incustomer support pages as well as you can use the generated javascript to directly invoke in-app instructions. WhatFix has free to use community version as well as paid enterprise version.

Whatfix enterprise

disclosure: I am co-founder of WhatFix.

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I personally like Intro.js. But also I recommend you to try Hintarea service. It provides more flexible changing design, segmenting users and other advanced features.

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