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When I call the function below, it response writes once as expected (last line of function).

But on the api logger of the website being posted to, it shows two posts. Not only that, but the first post is missing the authentication header.

Would somebody be kind enough to look over this code and tell me if I'm doing anything daft?

private function PostToWebsite(data, url)
    Dim  httpRequest, postResponse
    Set httpRequest = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
    httpRequest.Open "POST", url, False, "un", "pw"
    httpRequest.SetRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/json"     
    httpRequest.setRequestHeader "Content-Length", len(data)
    httpRequest.Send data
    if httpRequest.status = 201 then    
        PostToWebsite = "ok/" & httpRequest.getResponseHeader("Location")
    elseif httpRequest.status = 400 then
        PostToWebsite= "error/Http 400 error: " & httpRequest.responseText 
    elseif httpRequest.status = 401 then 
        PostToWebsite= "error/Http 401 error: " & httpRequest.responseText 
        PostToWebsite= "error/Unknown status in PostToWebsite"
    end if
    Set httpRequest = nothing

    RESPONSE.WRITE  PostToWebsite   'this line writes only once

end function
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If there's no obvious error in the code above, would somebody be able to give me the heads up and say 'it looks ok to me'? Thanks –  Martin Hansen Lennox Jul 31 '13 at 10:30

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It turns out that there was a comma missing from the JSON payload. Once I fixed that it worked fine.

My new question is: why on earth would that generate a double post, as opposed to a single one that failed?!

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I am having the same issue, have you found what is the problem ? –  Saifee Jun 3 at 8:46
I never figured out why that behavior occurred. All I would say is to check the response for any errors - sorry I can't help more –  Martin Hansen Lennox Jun 3 at 14:05

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