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I have a user control on a web form that is declared as follows:

<nnm:DeptDateFilter ID="deptDateFilter" runat="server" AllowAllDepartments="True" />

In the code-behind for this control, AllowAllDepartments is declared as follows:

internal bool AllowAllDepartments { get; set; }

Yet when I view the page, and set a breakpoint in the control's Page_Load event handler, my AllowAllDepartments property is always false. What are possible reasons for this?

BREAKING NEWS: Even setting the property programmatically has no effect on the property value when I hit my breakpoint in Page_Load of the control. Here is the Page_Load of the host page:

        deptDateFilter.FilterChanged += deptDateFilter_FilterChanged;
        if (!IsPostBack)
            deptDateFilter.AllowAllDepartments = true;

strong text

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did you ever figure this one out? – Code Sherpa Aug 3 '10 at 19:16
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Try adding the property value to the ViewState:

protected bool AllowAllDepartments 
      if (ViewState["AllowAllDepartments"] != null)
         return bool.Parse(ViewState["AllowAllDepartments"]);
         return false;
      ViewState["AllowAllDepartments"] = value;

EDIT Furthermore, you may want to handle the control's PreRender event, to see whether the the control's property has been correctly set there or not.

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That may work, and I'll try it as a last resort, but I shouldn't have to explicitly add control properties to the viewstate. I don't even need it in viewstate, as it only has an effect on the first page load. – ProfK Nov 25 '09 at 15:10
Worked for me as a last resort. Still don't know why it won't work otherwise... – Code Sherpa Aug 3 '10 at 20:17

Make the property bindable like:

[Bindable(true), Category("Appearance"), DefaultValue(false)]
internal bool AllowAllDepartments { get; set; }
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Just out of curiosity... does it work OK if you don't use the get;set; shortcut?

private bool _allowAllDepartments;
public bool AllowAllDepartments
    get { return _allowAllDepartments; }
    set { _allowAllDepartments = value;}
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Have you tried making the property public?

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