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I have got my friends list after getting logging in on facebook using Facebook connect Java script client API. I want list of my friends that are online at given time.

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You can use the online_presence column of the user table, which gives the user's current Facebook Chat status. This isn't a foolproof "is this user online right now" but it does serve the general purpose as such. This column is a string which has one of four possible values: active, idle, offline, or error. Querying the friend table in conjunction with this can yield the result you requested (in this case I consider "online" to mean active or idle):

  online_presence IN ('active', 'idle')
  AND uid IN (
    SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = $user_id


Note that you need the user_status permission to read the user's status and user_online_presence and/or friends_online_presence permissions for the online_presence.

Thanks to for bringing this up (Facebook online friend), and to for his answer.

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I'm trying it, but 99% of my friend list have online_presence empty. why? any help? i made a new question here: – Laphroaig Apr 14 '11 at 20:48

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