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I managed to whitelisted my device and I got the AppID and also setup my receiver url. I am able to build and run the CastSample App. I can click the cast button and my TV shows a blank screen. I tried to select one media from the list but nothing is displayed on my TV.

From the log I see the follwoing error some seconds after I clicked the cast button. Am I missing anything?

07-30 20:29:12.895: W/StartSessionTask(19880): Expected a channel but never got a connection service URL
07-30 20:29:12.895: E/ApplicationSession(19880): StartSessionTask failed with error: failed to start application: no channel info received
07-30 20:29:12.900: E/CastSampleActivity(19880): onStartFailed failed to start application: no channel info received
07-30 20:39:58.690: V/CastSampleActivity(21776): Selecting Media
07-30 20:39:58.735: D/AbsListView(21776): Get MotionRecognitionManager
07-30 20:40:03.890: V/MediaSelectionDialog(21776): Selected media: Big Buck Bunny
07-30 20:40:34.055: V/CastSampleActivity(21776): onStop called and callback removed
07-30 20:41:05.870: V/CastSampleActivity(21776): onStart called and callback added
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Check stackoverflow.com/questions/17911939/… if that isn't the cause of your issue, you'll probably need to share some code for us to assist. –  PrplRugby Jul 31 '13 at 1:00
I checked that and it solved my first problem with the following error: W/StartSessionTask(15590): StartApplicationRequest failed with status: -4 E/ApplicationSession(15590): StartSessionTask failed with error: failed to start application: request failed D/GameActivity(15590): start session failed: failed to start application: request failed –  Qiusheng Jul 31 '13 at 1:26

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I checked the cast-android-sample on github and find that they have updated the receiver.html to have:

// Initialize and start the media playing receiver
var receiver = new cast.receiver.Receiver(

Then I put my AppID there and uploaded the new receiver.html to my server then restarted everything and now I am able to play these sample medias.

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