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I am trying to add "--require spec_helper" to .rspec file based on a suggestion in

I tried to create .rspec file in the root of the webapp and added the above line but it doesn't seem to work. Neither does added to spec/spec.opts I realized that the version of rspec we are using is 1.3.2 and rspec-rails version of 1.3.4. So I was wondering if there is a support for reading .rspec file in this version. How do I look up or verify that.

P.S. I run specs using bundle exec rake spec

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The .rspec file has always been supported in RSpec 2 (the oldest entry in its history, for 2.0.0.beta.22, references it, and it was originally added in fd0398e as .rspecrc and renamed to .rspec in beaf23b). It has never been supported in RSpec 1.

That said, RSpec 1.x is massively old. I’d strongly suggest you attempt to migrate to RSpec 2 (which came out nearly 3 years ago).

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