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I have followed the tutorial to make a new Django-CMS (2.4) site. I am only using a single language (English).

There is an automatic redirect to include the language identifier '/en/' in my site's URLs. How do I remove it?


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replace this pattern registration:

urlpatterns = i18n_patterns('',
 url(r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
 url(r'^', include('cms.urls')),

with this:

from django.conf.urls import patterns

urlpatterns = patterns('',
  url(r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
  url(r'^', include('cms.urls')),

The tutorial you pointed to uses the i18n_patterns method which does exactly this: prepends the language code to your urls.

Also note you can safely remove 'django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware' and 'cms.middleware.language.LanguageCookieMiddleware' from your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES if you will not use multiple languages.

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So easy! Thanks! –  Racing Tadpole Jul 31 '13 at 2:17
That should be configurable in settings.py :) –  Manel Clos Nov 11 '14 at 13:36
Just a comment. This works for Django CMS v3.0 too. –  azuax Mar 21 at 19:23

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