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I followed this page to see mongoDB queries. As a result I could see Moped log.
But I can't see raw mongoDB queries.
How can I display MongoDB queries in the rails console/server

I did like the below.

# in [rails root]/config/environments/development.rb    
Mongoid.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
Moped.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
Mongoid.logger = Logger.new("#{Rails.root}/log/mongoid_development.log")
Moped.logger = Logger.new("#{Rails.root}/log/moped_development.log")

# in [rails root]/log/mongoid_development.log
# show nothing.

# in [rails root]/log/moped_development.log
MOPED: [ip address]:27017 QUERY        database=[database name] collection=[collection name] selector={"$query"=>{"screen_name"=>"ts_3156"}, "$orderby"=>{:_id=>1}} flags=[:slave_ok] limit=-1 skip=0 batch_size=nil fields=nil (54.6286ms)

How can I see raw mongoDB queries with Mongoid?
I want to see like the below.

db.[collection name].find({ $query: {"screen_name"=>"ts_3156"}, $orderby: {:_id=>1} })

I can see raw mongoDB queries in /var/log/mongo/mongo.log.
But I want to see raw queries in ORM(Mongoid)'s log.

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2 years later and still no decent answer? –  Donato Feb 10 at 19:03
Up! this is very helpful in order to familiarize CRUD in mongodb. –  Charlie Mar 24 at 18:30
For those looking to log moped to the console: Moped.logger = Logger.new($stdout) –  dsims Aug 6 at 17:39

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I'm afraid that's how moped the mongodb driver mongoid uses, reports it's logs


To see the raw queries you would need to modify this as you're doing now just tail the mongodb logs.

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